David Brownstein, Counselor & Mentor

Counseling for individuals, couples, groups, community & business leaders

Awareness – Acceptance – Intuition – Transformation

Creating the life that you want, a life of meaning and purpose, begins with knowing yourself.  As you raise awareness of  limiting beliefs, self-defeating patterns, emotional reactions and basic misconceptions of life…

You begin to see yourself as imperfect and merely human – just like the rest of us.  You begin to understand life, your relationships, your thoughts and feelings as neither all good nor all bad.  You begin to accept life as you find it, sometimes easy and sometimes challenging, sometimes pleasurable and sometimes painful…

Gradually, you become undefended, gradually you accept life on its own terms.”
Bert & Moira Shaw, founders of The 50-50 Work ©

From new awareness and undefended acceptance, you will experience a newfound inner strength.   From this strength comes more accurate evaluation, effective action, and life-changing access to your deep compassion and divine intuition…

With a clear channel to your inner wisdom and an original vision of your desired future, the universe conspires toward your greatest good.  You create the life you want!

DAVID BROWNSTEIN - David worked as a wealth advisor on Wall Street for twelve years before realizing a life dream – fully sharing in the care and parenting of his three children, and creating a small family farm. Today, the Brownsteins raise dairy cows, goats, chickens, bees and vegetables in season.

In 2004, David co-founded and, today, is the Executive Director of Wild Earth, where he seeks to regenerate healthy community culture and create opportunities for people to connect with themselves, each other and the Earth. David also maintains an active counseling practice called Root Connections, where he helps individuals, couples, groups, community and business leaders identify and manifest their unique vision.